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Personal Branding Vs Digital Branding – How Millennials think today?

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Personal Branding Vs Digital Branding - How Millennials think today?

The millennials and the experienced feel the pressure of building a strong brand image to stand out from their competitors or their target market in general.

As a digital consultant at 24kDigital, I’m often asked: “How can I develop a brand image that will improve my chances of success?” Building a brand image for any professional or a company is challenging and daunting. There will be constant eyeballs around you interested to know your movements, interests, engagements, participation and contributions. So mind it, it is a transitioning process and not a one-time project.

If you ask any successful business owner about the secret to a business’s success, the answer in most of the cases is attributed to branding. And now with a major chunk of our target audience being millennials themselves, it is hard to convince them by mere advertisements & content, as they have sharp sightedness for authenticity and future needs.

Building a brand is one of the essential ingredients in the recipe for successful business development.

So why not invest in some of the insights shared here:-

1. Know Your Company Well – Who are you? | What do you offer?
Creating a clear perspective and vision of your personal image or a company image will help you connect with your audience. Sending out a clear message of what you are will give a straight message to your audience & consumer. It’s always nice to have a social cause with it too!

2. Know your Goals
Prioritizing your goals will help you plan your marketing strategy. Be it your personal image or your company, setting up your credibility personally and socially, is the most important aspect of expecting any further goals accomplishment.

3. Be Transparent
Today millennials like transparency, so no matter you are a startup or an established company, invite your audiences for feedback on your product and services and be open to a 360-degree feedback. Sharing your story or short videos about your journey & its associated hardships, client interactions, experiences will help you connect with your audience on a personal level.

4. Know your Target Audience & Marketplace
Knowing your target audience and the marketplace is important to clear out the confusion around you. It will not only help you craft your reach strategy but will improvise your product to suit to the best of the needs gap. Research your audience needs, competitor’s actions, pricing model, geographical presence, their shopping habits, demographics and everything else you require to characterize them.

5. Highlight your strengths rather than going all over
Connect with your customer with what best suits and defines you, rather than what you could do or have done. As millennials are brand loyal, they would love to stay loyal to your strengths over your competitors.

6. Be aspirational, but realistic & authentic
Be clear with your current standing and vision for next 3 years. Keep in mind the 4 P’s i.e. Product, Price, Promotion & place. As millennials aren’t influenced by advertising and feel it’s all spin and not authentic, it’s good to be real and offer a value for money proposition. Having a good product and service is as important as pricing and promotion. So, keeping in mind the realistic pricing model that would fetch you your initial business, start promoting through social media, email marketing, advertising and public relations.

7. Omni-channel presence
Millennials use multiple tech devices like mobile phones, tablets, computers, iwatches and few other wearable devices. So, connecting with them through various marketing channels like social, email, direct, web & advertisements and through various devices is effectively required. 62% of millennials say that if a brand engages with them on social networks and other channels, they are more likely to become a loyal customer and would not have time looking for a choice.

8. Be your own Brand Ambassador
No one knows you or your brand more than yourself, so start endorsing yourself on a personalized level by talking or sharing your thoughts online or in conferences/summits, about who you are and how can you be the best choice of product/service to them, it will definitely bring more trustworthiness in connecting with your consumers.

9. Connect with Influencers
No one thought influencers will make such an impact on your brand image. So, choose and reach out to some of your suitable influencers who can help you share your message with your audience. So, reach them out through email, social platforms, direct messages or call (if you have the time and guts to engage them in your proposition).

10. Always respect your existing clientele
Getting more in any form is good. New business is always welcome but offering value-based perks like discounts and deals to your already present customers will help in improving your client base while offering enough exposure to build your brand.

Summarily, millennials and iGen believe in digital branding and their purchase decisions are made after thorough brand/product online reviews. They are hard to be convinced using traditional marketing methods and engaging them on an ongoing basis is the key to maintaining your brand value.

Do drop in your thoughts and comments here.

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