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Fascinating Social Media Statistics: Size Does Matter !!

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Social Media usage globally

For Marketers, the Growth in user numbers ( unique and repeat)  , Growth in user traffic ( downloads and hours spent ), Growth in business ( top lines ) best defines the success story of the Digital media promotions and the revolution which we are in midst of .

The Marketers activity that is going online, channelizing energies and spends onto the online channels, is the way information gets passed on real time. In no time can they come to know of the traffic or hits the website / app / blog is generating and the geographical coordinates of the region which is showing an interest.

Real time information coupled with the volumes of data and users which online platforms generate, makes this medium the most powerful for the marketers. Within online, social media platforms take the cherry of the pie since they are a melting pot of ethnicity, language, culture, religion and cuisines and are the most vibrating and vibrant in both users, usage and growth.

It is the Social media platforms which make or break brands, drive habits, define concepts, drive adoption, change social behaviour and break taboos. The social media as a matter of fact is the most powerful and innovative invention after the discovery of the Wheel by mankind. The proof of the pudding, as they say, lies in the eating, so let’s just look at the statistics and facts of how the footprints are projected based on the historical data .

Social media statistics

Social media business statistics

Most used social media platforms statistics
Image Source – Statista

Social video statistics

Google statistics

Facebook statistics

Twitter statistics

 Youtube statistics

Instagram statistics

Pinterest statistics

LinkedIn statistics

Snapchat Statistics

All Analytics have been fetched by Source – Brandwatch

Summarily, social integration has become of the essential part of the marketing , acquisition aswell as the retention strategy that these numbers shown above gives us an idea of the impact and projection of the company’s goals accomplishments.

Hope this information helps you in taking your next call in making your Digital Marketing Strategy.

Did you find some great strategies of your own in the making a roadmap in social media marketing? What are the exciting ideas informing your own marketing plan and for businesses—and how are you implementing them? Would love to know your comments, likes and share to encourage me in writing more on similar stuff.

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