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2018 : The New Digital Marketing Landscape

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Changing Dynamics of Digital Marketing in 2018

We all are aware that some of the essential and well known segments of digital marketing are social media, paid searches, display marketing, SEM, Influential marketing etc. But let us understand the some of the new and evolving segments very briefly which will play a very critical part in defining 2018 digital marketing plan and solutions.


One of the oldest but ever evolving vertical of Digital Marketing – It has primarily 3 elements which gets stands you apart for the expected user attention:

  1. VISUALS: They have to be stunning, have a wow feel around them without being overbearing or vulgar, yet appealing to the target audience. You will need to know your customer likes / dislikes, demographics, psychographics and his digital disposition to show him visuals which appeal to his taste set.
  2. HOOK: There are first line sentences that can really grip your audience: interesting, unusual, shocking, or emotional.
  3. STORY-TELLING: This is the future of social media. The short video or a story should evoke a strong interest by the consumer and the content should be practical, relevant and insightful for the consumer to relate to it. Avoid using tough words from the Dictionary and keep your content simple and straight.


In complex digital economy, AI & Machine Learning is set to play a crucial role in our ecosystem. Now, marketing platforms have not only started collecting and storing information of customer behaviour and interests, but also have started giving estimations on churning rate and new business marketing strategies that help marketers create custom messages to address these prospects.
In coming times, machine learning will start making strategic marketing decision. Softwares will analyze data to build segments, start and stop campaigns across various channels, and create custom copy that will target prospective customers. Because customer loyalty is increased with targeted marketing techniques, AI and behavioural marketing in 2018 will allow marketers to more effectively engage with their prospects and customers.

Having said that, artificial-intelligence-powered live-chat tools tools such as “Drift” & “Intercom” will help in communicating with existing and prospective customers on a real time basis. This will help in improving the lead management and conversion mechanism for any business.

And automated conversational tools like Google’s Assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa, chatbots and others will become an instant Gatekeepers assisting consumers in seeking any kind of information, entertainment or transactions.


It may sound simple but nurturing leads and managing marketing pipeline such as social media, emails, drip marketing and all other technology related actions, for new and existing customers is very challenging. Therefore, marketing automation eases and enhances the results right from creating valuable database & sales growth both by saving time and money.


Banking, Travel and eCommerce companies are using predictive analytics to personalize product recommendations to each and every site visitor. Based on the historical data, recommender systems are being used to understand the behaviour and preferences of the site visitors and then make a recommendation that’s best suited for them.


Beauty & salon apps uses virtual reality to allow the users apply makeup virtually. It helps them understand how they would look after using any of their products. Elle magazine & Loreal beauty app recently made use of virtual reality to create a 360-degree virtual tour of its photo shoot and make up results.

Surely, VR and AR will result in giving some enriching experience to its users.

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