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Social Media usage globally
For Marketers, the Growth in user numbers ( unique and repeat)  , Growth in user traffic ( downloads and hours spent ), Growth in business ( top lines ) best defines the success story of the Digital media promotions and the revolution which we are in midst of . The Marketers activity that is going online, channelizing energies and spends onto the online channels, is the way information gets passed on real time. In no
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Social Media-Powerhouse to connect & relate
At the start of 90’s , I must admit that I was literally a naïve soul who thought had all answers to the latest current affairs and news as it happened around the world. For me, the daily dose of media news were the cable and satellite English news channels and the daily morning newspapers which were more of classifieds, page 3 articles and tabloids than actual news. The content across both print and media
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Changing Dynamics of Digital Marketing in 2018
We all are aware that some of the essential and well known segments of digital marketing are social media, paid searches, display marketing, SEM, Influential marketing etc. But let us understand the some of the new and evolving segments very briefly which will play a very critical part in defining 2018 digital marketing plan and solutions. CONTENT MARKETING One of the oldest but ever evolving vertical of Digital Marketing – It has primarily 3 elements
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Personal Branding Vs Digital Branding - How Millennials think today?
The millennials and the experienced feel the pressure of building a strong brand image to stand out from their competitors or their target market in general. As a digital consultant at 24kDigital, I’m often asked: “How can I develop a brand image that will improve my chances of success?” Building a brand image for any professional or a company is challenging and daunting. There will be constant eyeballs around you interested to know your movements,
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